Christchurch Newport is a growing group of diverse people stunned that God saves sinners. In 1995 God led a group of Christians to start a church in Newport and Christchurch was born. Since then, the church has steadily grown as God has worked in many lives simply through the preaching of the good news.

Everything you need to know about Christchurch Newport is revealed in its name.


Simply put, we have nothing without Jesus. Christchurch is his church. When we ruined it all by living as if God wasn’t there, God came to our rescue by sending Jesus to take our punishment through his death on a cross. As Jesus died, he absorbed the eternal agony we should all suffer. Because he paid our debt, we are forgiven. This is the gospel – the good news!

At Christchurch Newport this old, old story is our story.


And from the alienation of a life without God, through the gospel God gathers a scattered people and calls them his own. This church is home to hundreds of people whose lives have been transformed by this good news, and want to live lives of gratitude for the God who’s done it all.  He calls his new people Church, a new humanity empowered by God’s Spirit to live humble lives built on the truth of the gospel.

Christchurch Newport is a united family, a home for the wanderer. A place to belong.


The loving God who’s saved us and gathered us is also the missionary God who’s sent us to represent him to our city, Newport, and the surrounding areas. God has sent Christchurch to live lives in response to his love and to speak words that tell of his love to the communities that God has put around us.


Whenever we meet together as a church family, we gather around the word, reminding ourselves of immense truths about our God and responding with thankfulness to the finished work of Jesus Christ. As we consider the character and work of our God, our desire is for these truths to penetrate and dwell richly within our hearts, moulding us into passionate worshippers – both gathered and scattered, on Sunday mornings and in our day-to-day lives.

Corporate singing is a vital part of our Sunday gatherings. We sing to God. We sing for God. We sing about God. We sing songs drenched in gospel-rich poetry, that are rooted in scripture, and help us to behold Christ and respond appropriately. As we sing we rehearse the gospel story: from the holiness of our sovereign, creator God; to the bitter depths of our rebellion; to the grace of God displayed in Christ Jesus who came after us and died in our place, rose again, and ascended to the right hand of the Father.

If you visit Christchurch on a Sunday morning you’ll hear songs, both ancient and modern, that are congregational, doctrinally sound and Christ-focused. We desire our singing to be heartfelt and Spirit-empowered.

Over the last few years we have begun to write and record our own, homegrown songs. Our hope is that they might serve, encourage, strengthen and stir the faith of those who listen - in corporate worship, and in the car.